The Birman has a wonderful balanced temperament. They are very intelligent and bond to their people very strongly. Birmans also are curious, they like to find out what you are doing or investigate anything that is new. The Birman is a person-cat - they love to be around their people. You will also usually find that a Birman will adjust his schedule to yours. You typically will find your Birman waiting to greet you as soon as you get home.

Birmans are serene cats with affectionate personalities. They are communicative and interactive, loving to involve themselves in whatever you are doing. Birmans are relatively quiet / softly spoken, with gentle chirp-like voices. Birmans enjoy company. They are patient and tolerant - and tend to be sociable with other animals/pets too.


The Birman is an average size cat (males generally ranging from 3.5 to 5.5kg, females a little smaller). A Birman has a medium length coat that has a consistency which requires very little grooming. Birman cats are pointed cats (have darker colours on their faces, ears, paws and tail) with white paws. The eyes of a Birman are always blue. Their paws are white, with “socks”. Birmans have refined features, often looking regal and poised (and tend to survey their surroundings while seated in an elegant pose).

About AquaLuna Birman Breeder / Kittens’ upbringing

Our breeding queens live in our home as family pets. AquaLuna kittens are socialised and well-adjusted, reared in a lively & loving environment in a household with children & other animals; in the Cape, South Africa.

(Kittens leave home at 12 weeks but can fly at approx. 14 weeks by arrangement.) There are very few Birman breeders in South Africa, making the remarkable breed highly sought after, and fairly rare. We breed the following Colourpoints: Chocolate, Seal, Blue, Lilac and Tabby kittens. See MY GIRLS (Gallery) page of this website to view the queens/mother cats.

Care and Training

Most breeders recommend a high-quality dry food. Birmans can be free feed without becoming overweight. Keep a good supply of clean, fresh water available at all times. Birmans are very easy to groom. Their single layer coats typically need combed once in a while. Most Birmans never have to deal with matting of their fur because it just doesn't!

Birmans usually require very little training. They typically teach themselves about the litter box as very young kittens and never forget. Their single layer coats typically only need to be combed once in a while, as Birmans’ fur does not usually matt and tangle.